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Sunday Evening Mood

Photo – Copyright Marie Kléber

When night comes and darkness settles down, I love to open my curtains and look outside as the sky is turning another kind of blue. There are spots of lights here and there. Behind the windows, I can imagine what others are doing. I can create stories from nothing.

In a couple of minutes, I’ll light a candle. I’ll put on a CD, something smooth and jazzy. I’ll close my eyes and let the music dive me in some kind of bubble-dream.

Outside blue is becoming black. I can see the shadows of the trees at the end of the courtyard.

I hear A. playing with his cars, making up stories. There is a lovely smell coming out of the kitchen. The dinner will be served shortly.

Till then, I will enjoy the minutes I have with Ray Charles. I’ll listen to his loving words. And I’ll think to myself that this is the perfect sunday evening!